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Horse & Rider Versatility Challenge! August 11, 2019

What is horse and rider versatility? Our event is a great chance to see team work between horse and rider. You and your horse will navigate through 10 obstacles. You have 5 minutes to complete all 10 obstacles, earning 10 points per obstacle when completed correctly. IF you bought the "golden Ticket" you will be able to use it to get 10 points on an obstacle which was done incorrectly. We will let you know when you have 30 seconds left on the clock, at this point you need to get to the finish line to save the points you have earned. Time will be the time breaker. Our obstacles could be anything from a back up, jump, bridge, carrying something, walking into a pool. ALL entry fees, division sponsorships, food sales, and raffle money will go directly to the new Horizons Center for Equine Therapy.
~ Any questions email or call 401-862-2621.
Come join the fun!

Ride for the Fun of it at Cornerstone Farm!

Nestled in the historic village of Foster Center, RI, Cornerstone Farm is a full service family riding facility dedicated to the harmonious development of horse and rider through confidence, understanding and trust.

Since 1984, we have offered riding and driving instruction to able-bodied and special needs riders, as well as boarding, leasing, training, day and residence camps, horse evaluations and transportation. Many events are held at the Farm each year- horse shows, clinics, trail rides and more for riders of all ages and abilities!

Focusing on versatility, our show team is competitive at the local and regional level in many disciplines, while demonstrating the values of sportsmanship and compassion that make us all proud to be part of the “Cornerstone Crew”!



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